INDS Degree Plan Rubric

This rubric is used by the Interdisciplinary Studies Committee (ISC) to assess a student’s degree plan. Plan to use this regularly with your INDS advisor and faculty mentors. It can be accessed on the INDS website: Rubric for Evaluating the INDS Degree Plan.


Please use the checkboxes to indicate one of the three opinions:
(i) “✓” (minimum discussion required); (ii) “X” (please be ready to indicate why); (iii) “ ~ ” (discussion required)

Strong, cogent degree plan description
__ Is the proposed degree clearly defined, with reference to relevant professional association definitions included where appropriate?
__ Does the description explain how the degree plan is interdisciplinary?
__ Are the disciplines’ comprising the degree plan clearly stated?

Well-written learning objectives
__ Do the learning objectives fulfill the scope and content of the degree as it has been defined?
__ Are the listed courses adequate to achieve the learning objectives?
__ Do the learning objectives demonstrate academic rigor, defined as depth of coursework in two or three disciplines or thematic areas, adequate for the student to execute the degree plan?

Academic and professional development
__ Is there a discussion of immediate post-graduation plans, including relevant back-up options?
__ Does this section explain how the degree plan adequately prepares the student as a competitive applicant for graduate or professional school?
__ Is there a discussion of the employment opportunities or goals for which this degree plan will prepare the student?

Capstone Project description
__ Does the student include a plausible* idea for a research, artistic, or other project that might be addressed using the skills, knowledge and experiences acquired by the proposed degree plan? (* Plausible defined as “Would the student be able to evolve the idea into an executable research plan or project through the agency of INDS 480 – Capstone Seminar followed by INDS 490 – Capstone Research Project?”)
__ Does the project description identify the disciplinary perspectives and research methods (or classes in which methods will be learned) to be included in the project and how the project relates to the overall degree plan?
__ Does the project description identify whether data, either quantitative or qualitative, or other relevant information is available, or will need to be created as part of the project?

Letters of support from faculty mentors
__ Do the letters of support affirm the degree plan as worthy of pursuit and connected with to the faculty mentors’ area(s) of expertise?
__ Do faculty mentors affirm that the coursework listed is sufficient to achieve the learning objectives?
__ Have the faculty mentors indicated that they will be able to support the student in the development and execution of the capstone project as a one-semester (unless otherwise specified), senior level project suitable for an undergraduate student?

Clarity and professionalism
__ Is the degree plan cleanly written with few typographic and/or grammatical errors?
__ Are classes, grades, and credits listed accurately throughout the document?
__ Does the cover letter explain why the student is in Interdisciplinary Studies, providing relevant information about the student’s background, interests, and future goals as appropriate?


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