About INDS 335

This seminar guides students through the process of writing an interdisciplinary degree plan proposal including: a cogent description of an integrative degree; learning objectives and a course list to actualize the degree plan; ideas for capstone research projects; and a professional cover letter. Students will focus on the processes of close editing, re-writing, and collaboration as important techniques for developing an interdisciplinary degree plan but also project and grant proposals of many types. Recommended Course Preparation: ENGL 100. This course is repeatable up to 2 credits or 2 attempts.

Course Description and Objectives:

This seminar will familiarize INDS students who are currently writing degree plan proposals with the proposal writing and approval process. Through this class students will:

  1. Develop a cogent, coherent description of their integrative degree plan
  2. Construct a set of learning objectives and a course list to actualize their degree plan
  3. Learn to effectively evaluate and incorporate feedback into their writing
  4. Identify and recruit faculty mentors
  5. Develop a potential capstone project idea
  6. Enhance their ability to write effective cover letters
  7. Grow their understanding of possible career options after graduation
  8. Develop strategies for marketing themselves and their degree

Preparing for Class, Attendance & Class Assignments:

The work output for this class will be a number of short writing assignments, both formal and informal in nature, which will combine ultimately into a coherent undergraduate academic plan and research proposal.  Of particular focus will be the processes of close editing, re-writing, and collaboration as important techniques for refining this type of written product.  Students will share their work regularly during class periods.  Given the nature of our in-class work, attendance is critical and will be factored into your final grade.  Please inform me as soon as possible if an emergency forces you to miss class.  Given the short (11 sessions) run of our class, it is important that we make fullest use of every minute.  Please be on time.

The class will be organized into pods of three students and one instructor and the work organized into three modules.  The order in which you complete the modules depends on the instructor of your pod.  You will need to successfully complete each module in order receive a Pass for the class.

Academic Integrity:

We are in this course a Community of Scholars, and as such any contributions that advance the cause of learning this subject are welcome. We are also responsible for respecting our colleagues’ (within and outside the course) dignity and work. Cheating, plagiarism, and other similar activities are not just punishable offenses, but are harmful to us all. The University has a number of policies and rules designed to foster a creative, enjoyable, atmosphere conducive to learning and growth. We are all bound to those policies and principles. Please feel free to approach your pod advisor (or communicate anonymously if you wish) about anything we can do to make this course as fair, informative, and enjoyable as possible. This course incorporates the UMBC Code of Student Conduct for Academic Integrity.

Grading Details:

Total points: 1000

Attendance 100

Degree Core Module 300

Degree Context Module 300

Degree Plan Completion Module 300

Points required to earn a Pass 800

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